Beautiful clothes with ethics. Natural yarns from sustainable farming. Undying and natural dyed options. Low impact manufacture. Fair employment. Working to be carbon neutral.

Makepiece was founded in 2004 by Nicola Sherlock and Beate Kubitz to produce beautiful clothing that is sustainable, low-impact and eco-friendly.

Initially producing knitwear from wool from their own sheep and sustainable natural fibre farmed in the UK (wool, alpaca, angora and mohair).

Knitwear designer Nicola Sherlock is a graduate in Fashion Knitwear Design from Nottingham Trent University.  Her final collection was based around bringing organic and slow-food ethics into fashion.  She worked in Nottingham and New York, before setting up Makepiece.

Beate Kubitz is both business manager and farmer. She has a degree in Philosophy and ten years experience running campaigns and activities for organisations including Amnesty International. She keeps a small flock of Shetland sheep for their coloured wool.

‘If you think of what you’re wearing and you find it’s been round the world before you put it on for the first time, was manufactured out of cotton dripping with pesticides or sewn by people in shoddy conditions, it suddenly doesn’t feel half as glamourous.

Style is about expressing who we are. Most of us don’t think of ourselves as cheap and shoddy but if we’re not careful that’s what our clothes say about us.’