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N-ewe arrival

15.04.10 | First lamb of the year is a girl

Ewe lamb

Well, I miscalculated and thought this little creature wouldn't arrive until the weekend... but she seems to be in full working order.  

Arrived when it was a bit cold so I fed with a bit of volostrum (lamb colostrum) just to make sure she'd had a feed before her first night in the Pennine weather.  Also a squirt of Collate multivits (alarmingly like runny marmite), iodine on her naval to prevent infection and then packing her into a lamb mac.  The extra layer helps keep these tiny lambs from hypothermia when they're little.

This morning, however, she was already wearing lamb mac at half mast and trailing... no respecter of fashion, clearly.  I think I'll put a new one on her for tonight.