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Press release: Summer knits are blissful...

Sheep to chic UK knitwear label Makepiece announces ss10 collection ‘matrimony’

Florence dress

The culmination of romance is both bliss and the foundation of a nurturing and fruitful relationship.

There is strength and purpose underlying this collection of frocks, tops and wraps, an air of transformation, versatility and resolution but softened with adornments, layers and volume.

Makepiece ss10 brings strong silhouettes overlaid with romantic detail, ruffles and ruching, ribbons and plaits. Volume and drape knitted in sheer translucent mohair, fine smooth woollen yarns create plaits, ruching and ruffles, lace-panelled felts for structure.

Again designer Nicola Sherlock creates garments that transform, adapt and change throughout the day and over months and years … a lifelong companion, beautiful, versatile and kind.

This cornucopia of knit is coloured like the end of warm summer day, a harvest home or wedding feast.

Makepiece is…

Unique, beautiful, desirable design, sustainable knitwear, made in England from a Pennine landscape and our own sheep.

We take natural yarns, raised sustainably, spin them as locally as possible, knit in our community, using the minimum chemical processes possible to produce a finished product that can be treasured for years. 

Makepiece... sheep to chic