Beautiful clothes with ethics. Natural yarns from sustainable farming. Undying and natural dyed options. Low impact manufacture. Fair employment. Working to be carbon neutral.

Slow style, not fast fashion

Makepiece Autumn Winter 08


Fashion has a lot to learn from the slow food movement, where quality speaks throughout the process of growing, creating and consuming.

This philosophy informs Makepiece designer Nicola Sherlock's approach to knitwear design.  A graduate of Nottingham Trent University's four year degree in Knitwear Design, her stitch creations are designed in three dimensions, stretching knitwear to its limits.  Her unique stitch designs create shape, texture and pattern in garments that are both dramatic and wearable.
Signature clothing incorporates felted lace, edgey silhouettes, ruching and ripples, sheer open knits and filmy soft shrugs, dresses and layers.