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Milk round... by bike

19.04.10 | Lambing underway

Refreshments by bike

A nice spell of warm weather for the start of lambing but I was still a bit worried about the smaller of the first twins.  Just to make sure that she'd had enough colostrum I made up a bottle and improvised transport up to the sheep.

I'm trying not to use the car too much for my rounds - better for the environment and also my suspension on the bumpy track.

Once I'd pedaled my way up the hill she was looking a lot fuller... hmm... but better to be safe than sorry.


Little lambie looking good in her waterproof coat to help prevent hypothermia.  Shetland lambs are tiny and although this makes lambing them really easy, they do need a bit of extra help to protect them against the weather.

These coats do look a bit big though... especially as she is the smallest lamb so far.


 ... this was the 'before' photo ... twins just born.

 At the last count (7pm) there are four good lambs - three girls and a boy.