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How to wear...

Makepiece versatile scarves

Knitted scarf in natural undyed wool

These lovely scarves can be worn in no less than seven ways (and possibly more).

They're knitted with ruched sections at the ends and in the middle - but because the ruffle doesn't extend along the whole scarf they're easy to tie and not too bulky.

Below are diagrams of our ideas; tied in a bow, long and loose, as a headband...

If you have suggestions, do send us a picture and we'll add it to the site.


Mid length ruffle
Create a mid length ruffle by folding the scarf in half, then wrapping around your neck and pulling the two ends through the loop.

A loose knot tying the straight sections will give this look.

Loop one frilled end around the other to give this informal tie look

Ruff and ruffles
Wrap it once around the neck - with the frill at the front - leaving the ends loose. If you prefer, you can tie them so you get a ruffle very close to your face.

Air hostess bow.
Wrap the scarf around once, then tie in a bow to one side.

Wrap around so that the frill is at the front and the scarf is tied behind at the nape of your neck.

If you tie the scarf at the top you can create a bow with frilled ends on top of your head.