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White out

20.12.09 | When sheep feeding is not a picnic

Sheep in a blizzard

Today was a test of determination, my elderly Citroen and waterproof trousers.  Several inches of snow overnight froze the car doors shut (not to mention coating roads thickly).  

Elderly Citroen responded to treatment and was well behaved even on ungritted road, and even when she met the Mankinholes Circular bus coming in the opposite direction and had to reverse down icy single lane hill.

I didn't try the farm track and instead walked from the road.  It's about a third of a mile through a tiny hamlet and a couple of farms.  Lovely views but obscured by heavy snow showers.

The sheep were delighted to see me.  Although there are nine female lambs that haven't quite grasped feeding yet.  Their field is slightly rougher - so the grass pokes through even quite deep snow and they have definitely got a 'we can look after ourselves' attitude.  The boys are all too enthusiastic - maybe this is the sheep gender divide.

On the way back - towing another bale (for the boys) one of the neighbours drew up in a four by four truck and slung my bale and me into the back of it and ran me down to my waiting car.  I do like living round here.

By the time I'd delivered the bale to the boys field (another slithery drive and decent walk) I felt like I'd done a proper work out.

It would be nice for the roads to be a bit clearer tomorrow - there were nerve wracking moments and I need to take less than four hours to do the rounds. Makepiece is open and it's Christmas shopping time!


Snowy view

Heavy snow!