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08.12.09 | ... or telling Bradford about wool

Bradford Club

I gave a talk about wool (and how Makepiece is trying to bring it back into fashion) to the Bradford Textile Society - at the Bradford Club.

My grandma would have been proud.  I spent my early years in Bradford - where the wool industry was one of the main engines of the industrial revolution and where there was still evidence (in the early 1970s at least) of its role as a major textile centre.  We used to go rooting through fabric shops and mills for ends of rolls or fents that she'd turn into clothes.

So it was an enormous honour to be invited to speak (and a little daunting).  But the audience was appreciative; retired wool merchants who've seen the industry decline delighted that we're trying to promote the benefits of wool, students considering the fibre to make their designs from and other businesses interesting in our approach to creating a sustainable brand.

And they gave me a plaque!  Any translations can be emailed to me at - my Latin's a bit rusty.

Bradford Textile Society plaque